AMAP's work is conducted according to a mandate determined by the Arctic Council Ministers and Senior Arctic Officials, the AMAP Strategic Framework and the (bi-annually updated) AMAP Workplan.

The AMAP Strategic Framework 2019+ constitutes the framework under which AMAP activities will be conducted during the period 2019-. This strategy document was approved by the Arctic Council Ministers at their meeting in Rovaniemi, Finland, May 2019.

The AMAP Strategic Framework describes AMAP's:

  • mandate, mission and vision;
  • guiding principles;
  • strategic goals; and
  • implementation strategy

The AMAP Workplan describes the work that will be implemented over the coming year(s) to fulfill the AMAP mandate and address specific requests from Ministers and their Senior Arctic Officials (SAOs). The AMAP Workplan is updated and agreed at meetings of the AMAP Working Group, and subject to approval by SAOs and Ministers.