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Serum biomarkers respond differently in Inuit and European populations Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:33:28
Different types of biomarkers in the pathogenic sequence between exposure and disease Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:39:08
Age-standardized mortality rates for selected causes Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:40:40
Infant mortality in Arctic countries and regions (2000-2004) per 1000 population Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:35:03
Birth rate in Arctic countries and regions (2000-2004) per 1000 population Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:22:13
Trends in infant mortality rate of Greenlanders, NWT Inuit and Alaska Natives compared to Denmark, Canada and USA Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:37:14
Life expectancy at birth in Arctic countries and regions (2000-2004) Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:42:09
Population structure in Arctic countries and regions Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:22:34
Effect of mercury and dioxin-like compounds on the pathogenesis of diabetes and its complications Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:36:16
Genetic and environmental factors increase in concert the susceptibility of an individual for public health problems such as, type2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:36:45
Genes, macronutrients, and contaminants may have synergistic effects on the development of diseases Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:26:47
PBDEs and PFOS in blood plasma of mothers and women of child-bearing age Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:34:34
Exceedance of blood guideline values for mercury, lead and PCBs in mothers and women of child-bearing age in different populations in Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Russia and the United States (Alaska) Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:39:43
Mercury and lead concentrations in blood of mothers, pregnant women and women of child-bearing age during different time periods Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:27:15
Environmental contaminants are typically found in minute quantities Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:26:18
PCB, DDE, oxychlordane and toxapheneconcentrations in blood plasma (Alaska: serum) of mothers, pregnant women and women of child-bearing age during different time periods Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:40:17
Changes over time in levels of legacy POPs and metals in blood of pregnant women from three communities in Greenland and Canada Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:25:19
Local food percentage, contaminant and nutrient content measured in duplicate meal portions from Uummannaq 1976 and 2004 and Narsaq 2006 Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:21:45
Comparison of traditional food consumption in Inuvik, Canada in 1998/1999 and 2005/2006 Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:38:30
Traditional food consumption among Inuvialuit and Dene/Métis in Canada in 2003-2006 compared with that in 1997-2000 Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:32:14
Animals such as polar bears are exposed to a number of stressors that can lead to adverse health effects Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:28:37
Available time-series of legacy POPs in Arctic biota Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:32:51
POPs graphs show examples of trends of legacy POPs in air over time from the Zeppelin station on Svalbard Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:38:04
POPs have been monitored at several locations around the Arctic Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:35:31
Range of arithmetic mean concentrations of total PCNs in biota of Arctic, subarctic and Antarctic regions Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:42:31
Concentrations of total PCNs in air of Arctic and subarctic regions Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:23:01
PFOS biomagnification in the eastern Canadian Arctic marine foodweb Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:30:33
Fluorinated compounds in sediments from Resolute lake, Canada Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:31:38
Temporal trends of fluorinated compounds in marine mammals Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:30:53
Total air concentrations of fluorinated compounds, fluorotelomer alcohols and perfluorooctane sulfonamido alcohols Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:29:16
Transport pathways for fluorinated compounds Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:41:19
Sources of PCFAs in the environment Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:27:47
Time series of PBDEs and HBCD in Arctic wildlife Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:24:30
PBDEs and HBCD in polar bears Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:30:11
PBDEs in ringed seals Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:42:53
PBDEs and HBCD in beluga Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:21:17
PBDEs and HBCD in seabirds Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:41:44
PBDEs in Arctic air Maps & Graphics 23/05/2013 13:33:55