Arctic air masses and atmospheric transport routes

The mean position of the Arctic air mass in winter (January) and summer (July), superimposed on the (summer value % (orange) - winter value % (blue)) frequency of major south-to-north transport routes into the Arctic

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Published 2007-11-20
Sources mean air mass position: Li, S.M., R.W. Talbot, L.A. Barrie, R.C. Harriss, C.I. Davidson and J.-L. Jaffrezo, 1993. Seasonal and geographical variations of methane sulphanic acid in the Arctic troposphere. Atmos. Environ. 27A: 3011-3024. (AAR Figure 3.4)
Region geoarctic
Cartographer / Designer Graphical production: Philippe Rekacewicz and Emmanuelle Bournay (GRID-Arendal)