Contaminant emissions, transport and deposition in the Arctic

An illustration of the interplay between a) contaminant emissions distribution for sulfur dioxide and b) frequency of atmospheric south-to-north transport, yielding c) a net annual input of sulfur to the Arctic as a function of longitude that favors Euras

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Published 2007-11-20
Sources Title (cont.) that favors Eurasian sources in the winter half of the year. This contaminant has a one-hop pathway in contrast to more volatile persistent organochlorines, PAHs, and mercury. Source(s) '(a) Gridded global emissions inventory of sulfur di
Region geoarctic
Cartographer / Designer Data preparation/GIS: David Henry (GRID-Arendal); Graphical production: Philippe Rekacewicz and Emmanuelle Bournay (GRID-Arendal)