Projected changes in snow-cover duration (left) and the total amount of snow falling (right) over the Arctic by the mid-21st century (2049-2060 relative to 1970-1999)

Snow-cover duration is projected to decrease by 10-20% over most of the Arctic by 2050.
Over Alaska and northern Scandinavia, snow-cover duration in 2050 is expected to be 30-40% less than it is today. Rapid decreases in snow-cover duration are also expected along the Pacific coast region of Russia. Siberia is projected to experience the least change (less than 10%).
The maximum amount of snow accumulating on the ground will increase slightly. An increase of 0-15% is projected over much of the Arctic with the largest increases (15-30%) occurring over Siberia. The frequency of rain falling on snow - called rain-on-snow events - is projected to increase over all regions of the Arctic over the next 50 years.

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