Date Title Type
Jan 10 2013
UN: Rising mercury emissions increase risk to humans (BBC) External News
Jan 15 2013
Climate change: Soot's role underestimated, says study (BBC) External News
Jan 15 2013
2012 was in top 10 warmest on record (BBC) External News
Jan 24 2013
Russia explores old nuclear waste dumps in Arctic (BBC) External News
Feb 04 2013
Concerns raised over 'useless' Arctic oil spill plan (BBC) External News
Feb 22 2013
Siberian permafrost thaw warning sparked by cave data (BBC) External News
Mar 07 2013
Canadian glaciers face 'big losses' (BBC) External News
Mar 12 2013
Japan extracts gas from methane hydrate in world first (BBC) External News
Apr 10 2013
Iceland volcano ash cloud triggers plankton bloom (BBC) External News
Apr 22 2013
Tracking Greenland's fast-melting ice sheets (The Columbus Dispatch) External News
Apr 24 2013
Earliest satellite maps of Antarctic and Arctic sea-ice (BBC) External News
May 01 2013
With Arctic sea ice vulnerable, summer melt season begins briskly (Christian Science Monitor) External News
May 02 2013
White House warned on imminent Arctic ice death spiral (The Guardian) External News
May 06 2013
Arctic Ocean 'acidifying rapidly' (BBC) External News
May 10 2013
Carbon dioxide passes symbolic mark (BBC) External News
May 16 2013
Climate research nearly unanimous on human causes, survey finds (Guardian) External News
May 19 2013
Climate slowdown means extreme rates of warming 'not as likely' (BBC) External News
May 19 2013
AMAP Arctic Ocean Acidification Conference webcast External News
Jun 12 2013
Why Greenland's darkening ice has become a hot topic in climate science (The Guardian) External News
Jun 17 2013
Jet Stream Changes Cause Climatically Exceptional Greenland Ice Sheet Melt (Science Daily) External News

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