Date Title Type
Sep 21 2013
Chinese make first successful North Sea Route voyage (The Arctic Journal) External News
Sep 25 2013
A Pause, Not an End, to Warming (The New York Times/International Herald Tribune) External News
Oct 11 2013
Minimata Convention adopted - UNEP Press Release External News
Oct 31 2013
Report suggests slowdown in CO2 emissions rise (BBC) External News
Nov 06 2013
Concentrations of warming gases break record (BBC) External News
Nov 11 2013
National Geographic photographer says ice melt a 'wake-up call' (CBC News) External News
Nov 11 2013
Ozone chemicals ban linked to global warming 'pause' (BBC) External News
Nov 12 2013
Research shows mercury may biomagnify more effectively in northern regions (Phys-Org) External News
Nov 14 2013
2013 'one of warmest' on record (BBC) External News
Nov 14 2013
Emissions of CO2 driving rapid oceans 'acid trip' (BBC) External News
Nov 18 2013
Ponds in Canadian Arctic Release Significant Greenhouse Gasses (Nature World News) External News
Nov 20 2013
Gaps in data on Arctic temperatures account for the 'pause' in global warming (Independent) External News
Dec 16 2013
Esa's Cryosat sees Arctic sea-ice volume bounce back (BBC) External News
Dec 22 2013
'Massive' reservoir of melt water found under Greenland ice (BBC) External News

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