Date Title Type
Jan 07 2015
Most fossil fuels 'unburnable' under 2C climate target (BBC) External News
Jan 15 2015
Rate of sea-level rise 'steeper' (BBC) External News
Jan 16 2015
2014 warmest year on record, say US researchers (BBC) External News
Feb 13 2015
New book by ex-AMAP Working Group Chair David Stone AMAP News
Mar 12 2015
Oil exploration of the Arctic region is slowing down (BBC) External News
Mar 18 2015
Mercury pollution threat to Arctic bird (BBC) External News
Mar 19 2015
Arctic sea ice extent hits record low for winter (BBC) External News
Mar 31 2015
US makes climate pledge to UN (BBC) External News
Apr 08 2015
Russian nuclear submarine fire 'put out' in Arctic dock (BBC) External News
Apr 17 2015
Warning over aerosol climate fix (BBC) External News
Apr 18 2015
'3D Cryosat' tracks Arctic winter sea ice (BBC) External News
Apr 25 2015
Release of New AMAP Assessment Policy-makers Summaries (+ press materials) AMAP News
May 11 2015
Sentinel to measure ocean height (BBC) External News
May 12 2015
Shell gets 'conditional' US Arctic drilling approval (BBC) External News
May 16 2015
Arctic pollution rules 'not enough' (BBC) External News
May 26 2015
How Arctic ozone hole was avoided by Montreal Protocol (BBC) External News
Jun 05 2015
US scientists: Global warming pause 'no longer valid' (BBC) External News
Jun 23 2015
WHO says insecticide lindane causes cancer (BBC) External News
Jun 25 2015
AMAP Human Health report in Nunatsiaq Online External News
Jul 16 2015
Arctic deal bans North Pole fishing (BBC) External News

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