Date Title Type
Jan 09 2018
AMAP Side Event at Arctic Frontiers 2018 Tuesday 23 January, 17.00-19.00 : "The New Arctic - How to Meet the Future" External News
Feb 03 2018
Space lasers to track Earth's ice (BBC) External News
Mar 31 2018
Shipping faces demands to cut CO2 (BBC) External News
Apr 12 2018
Isolated lakes found beneath Canadian ice sheet (BBC) External News
Apr 13 2018
Global shipping in 'historic' climate deal (BBC) External News
Apr 25 2018
Record concentration of microplastics found in Arctic (BBC) External News
Apr 27 2018
Sentinel tracks ships' dirty emissions from orbit (BBC) External News
May 02 2018
Russia’s first floating nuclear power plant heads towards the Arctic (ArcticToday) External News
May 16 2018
Mysterious rise in emissions of ozone-damaging chemical (BBC) External News
Jun 06 2018
GRID-Arendal: Debunking the Myths about Plastic Debris in our Ocean External News
Jun 08 2018
Plastic pollution reaching record levels in once pristine Arctic (BBC video) External News
Jun 26 2018
Call for Papers: 2019 Arctic Frontiers: Smart Arctic, Tromsø, Norway 20 - 25 January 2019 External News